Our Rationale

It is apparent that East Africa University (EAU) cannot escape from the political, social, and economic impact of the constant, rapidly changing global environment. The unending explosion of scientific knowledge and technological innovations is continually stimulating such a variety. Our very survival as an institution depends on how we face the challenges of the global village and compete for space in the local and international market place that is based on knowledge and driven technologically.

To become ahead in the information and communication technologies, we set ourselves to think and act strategically. It forces us shifting our emphasis to the critical issues facing our institution. The university, since its inception in 1999, went tremendous transformation in terms of geographical coverage, the program which offers, and management structure. These continuous innovations are intended to make the university teaching and the learning process go with international standards.

Currently, the university has set its strategy to become ahead of the competition as a leading academic center for educational excellence.

Our strategic vision, mission, and plan are designed to complement with community need to respond to the current market demand. This policy is based on critically analyzing the university’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT analysis).