Faculty of Social Science and Economics

The Faculty of Social Science and Economics offers a range of internationally accredited bachelor of Economics, Public Administration, Community Development, Political Studies, and Political Science and International Relations. Within these programs, there is special attention on issues which are related to the four programs such as the welfare state and socioeconomic redistribution, policing, sustainability, national and international security

Our education is characterized by its clear structure, intensive guidance and enthusiastic teachers, the small scale, interdisciplinary offerings and its strong international orientation benchmarked with some of the higher educational institutions in the world.

The multidisciplinary approach of Public Administration is visible in the teaching of courses on governance, organization, management, society and politics, policy and decision-making, law, culture and communication, market and government, philosophy and integrity.

The broad and international orientation of Political Science is reflected in subjects such as international relations, comparative politic studies, global political economy, and political theory.

The faculty the following programs:

    1. BA Public Administration
    2. BSc Economics
    3. BA Islamic Economics and Finance
    4. BA Community Development
    5. BA Political Science and International Relations
    6. BA Social Work and Social Administration
    7. BA Peace and Conflict Studies