Faculty of Science and Education

The Faculty of Science and Educational prepares students in the field of education. It also promotes researches ways of enhancing and promoting activities that encourage people to learn, grow and develop. It also investigates from various angles to encourage the development of societies and cultures, as well as the how education supports the well-being of people and the intermediate of society as a whole.

Educational science is a science that integrates various disciplines. Understanding the historical background of education requires knowledge in ethics, knowledge, and other areas.

The faculty focuses also on the educational systems and policies so students have to utilize their knowledge of how to promote a society with education.

The faculty has the following programs:

    1. BSc Education (Major Mathematics, Minor Physics)
    2. BSc Education (Major Physics, Minor Mathematics)
    3. BSc Chemistry (Major Chemistry, Minor Biology))
    4. BSc Biology(Major Biology, Minor Chemistry)
    5. BA Geography
    6. BA اللغةالعربية