Faculty of Engineering

The Faculty of Engineering has been created as a creative faculty where students will be able to apply some of the latest engineering technologies and skills.  The faculty is committed to invigorate future society by achieving what has heretofore been impossible. We expect that the students will profoundly develop their abilities within the Faculty’s environment. In addition to the learning, students will master engineering, which will enable them to create new ideas and technologies and make dreams come to life.

At the Faculty, knowledge gained from studying is combined with the latest research methodologies. Only through this integration of research and learning will enable students to understand the true essence of engineering, a far-reaching and stimulating discipline that can bring significant changes to society.

We enable our students to be ‘artists’ in the field of engineering. To that end, they are expected to have the courage and audacity of becoming creative and problem solvers.

We are set to create the engineers and researchers who will stand for the future’s innovative solutions and connect our knowledge to the business community and the population – both nationally and internationally.

In the Faculty of Engineering we have the following programs:

  1. BEng Civil Engineering
  2. BEng Telecommunication Engineering