Faculty of Agriculture and Veterinary Science

The Faculty of Agriculture and Veterinary Science offers a range of internationally accredited bachelor of Agriculture and Veterinary Science. Within these programs, there is special attention on issues which are related to the two programs such as the animal husbandry, animal economy, and sustainability.

We strengthen our education in the agricultural and animal research, innovation and support results-based on these programs for development through our national research systems.

Our method of teachings also to help prepare professional and technical manpower in animal and veterinary production and related fields such as animal breeding and reproduction, animal nutrition, dairy, poultry, meat and draught animal production.

Our practical and entrepreneurial skill acquisition aspects emphasize hands-on basis. This requires exposure to agricultural enterprises on campus, farms, industries, etc.

Our education is characterized by its clear structure, intensive guidance and enthusiastic teachers, the small scale, interdisciplinary offerings and its strong international orientation benchmarked with some of the higher educational institutions in the world.

The faculty has following programs:

    1. DVM Veterinary Medicine,
    2. BSc Agriculture